Positive quotes for the day

1. Live life expecting good things to happen to you and rejoice when they do happen. That is the easiest way to have abundance of goodness in life.

2. Learn not just from your mistakes but also from your victories so that you can repeat them and make it a grand lifestyle.

3. My mind and my life is a negative free zone. There are no whiners or nay Sayers allowed because I am on a mission to become a victor.

4. Your life is a mirror of all the things that you feed your mind. Strengthen your mind with healthy and power packed thoughts and then you will see the results.

5. Don’t let life pass you by while you look on like a bystander. Get up and work towards your dreams and let your dreams become a reality.

6. Inculcate the habit of counting your blessings and instances where you have gained success. Write them down and commit them to memory as encouragement.

7. Don’t just stand there getting run down by the day and all the things that it throws at you. Take control and run your day, you are the master of your universe and the choice to do good is in your hands.

8. Every moment that you spend in despair is one happy moment lost. Make it a motto to disappoint disappointments and to win opportunities on every path of life.

9. Leave the dark and bitter memories behind and walk into a day full of success, joy, happiness and victory. There are opportunities waiting to be grabbed. Go get them all.

10. Make hard work your right hand and be too determined to be disappointed. Doors open to those who knock and if they seem to be locked…knock them down.

11. Don’t just live life for yourself. There is an entire generation of people waiting to be inspired by talents that you possess. Utilize your potential and work on your strengths. You were created for a purpose so go ahead and fulfill it.

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