Good short quotes about life

1. You get more than you give, when you give more than you get. This is so because life is not about having and getting; it is all about being and giving.

2. Never give up. Some blessings are reserved for people with patience only. Remember you can never have a baby of your own if you are not willing to wait for nine months.

3. Always think positively because what you think defines who you are. You become what you think about.

4. As soon as you die, the people you live trying to impress will start despising you even referring to you as the body. So always live a life to impress the creator and never the creations; spend money on what you love, laugh until your stomach aches, dance even if you may be bad at it, pose stupidity for photos and always be happy.

5. The reason most people fail in life is because they give up before they have tried. They forget that you miss all the shots you don’t take. Try and fail but never fail to try.

6. Keep going no matter how tough the going gets. Remember a river cuts through rocks not by its power and strength but by its persistence.

7. Never give up. Remember that it is usually the last key in a bunch of a hundred keys that opens the door.

8. Thinking of quitting? Don’t! Remember why you started in the first place. They say winners never quit while quitters never win.

9. Learn to listen to advice but never let anyone make decisions for you. Ensure you don’t allow people’s complements to get inside your head nor their criticism get into your heart.

10. In this world people will hate and hurt you sometimes without a reason. Love them anyway. Remember hate has caused a lot of problem but never has it created a solution to any of these problems.

11. Many people out there will try and convince you to give up. They will try and show you that you are not good enough and that you are destined to fail. Never listen to them as the only person who can make you give up is YOU.

12. We can never learn life lessons if we are afraid of making mistakes. However, it is never a mistake to make a mistake but it is a big mistake to repeat a mistake.

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