Good Morning prayer quotes

I wrote these back in 2013 when I was facing a large student debt. It helped me stay positive back then and I hope it helps you today.

1. I pray that today I may be of use to someone in need. That I may be water to those who thirst and food to those who hunger. May I be the answer to peoples question. Bless me Lord!

2. Oh Lord, this morning I pray that you keep my family safe from all distress and pain. Protect us from falling into sin or wrong. Bless us so that we may glorify you all day and tell others about how great you are.

3. When I got up in the morning I just realized that each
moment of the day has itโ€™s own value/worth. Morning time is for renewing hope, Afternoon for faith in the almighty God, Evening time the time to love, And of course Night time to rest.
Wishing you a very Good Morning

4. Morning is a wonderful blessing given by God, it may be cloudy or sunny, but it is an unwrapped gift. A gift that gives us another start of what we define as LIFE. Good Morning!

5. I pray that this day will be full of joy, happiness, love and peace. These are the only things I need in life. Money may get spent and be earned again but this day will never return.

6. Thank you Lord for blessing me with this wonderful day. I don’t need anything Lord. I just just need you to be by my side and guide my step in every way. Thanks again Lord, I truly love you!

7. I look out of the window and there is so much out there that I have not created. The sun, plants, birds and animals. They all were created by you. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for this beautiful day.

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  1. Patsy York

    Love these prayers. Wish I could share some on Facebook.

  2. Love the post some touch my soul

  3. Is there anyway I could possibly share these? I would appreciate a reply, thank you very much may God bless you always…

  4. Kathy Taylor

    I would like to share some of your posts and photos. They are delightful!

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