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I wrote these back in 2013 when I was facing a large student debt. It helped me stay positive back then and I hope it helps you today. 1. I pray that today I may be of use to someone in need. That I may be water to those who

1. Believe in God and trust in the abilities he has bestowed on you. You have it in you to make it through any kind of difficulty. Keep your head up high and march on. 2. Have a victory mindset and

A special thanks to my wife Patricia D’souza for writing these quotes. 1. Every morning breathe in optimism and energy. Today can be the day where you will reach your destiny. Believe in your potential and welcome this day. 2. Morning brings us sunlight not to just wake

1. You get more than you give, when you give more than you get. This is so because life is not about having and getting; it is all about being and giving. 2. Never give up. Some blessings are reserved for

1. Live life expecting good things to happen to you and rejoice when they do happen. That is the easiest way to have abundance of goodness in life. 2. Learn not just from your mistakes but

1. I know that today I am going to succeed and the opportunities that I receive are going to be converted. I am surrounded by good vibes and good things are about to happen. 2. I have made up my mind to

1. Sometimes just a thought about you can light up my morning and then I just cannot stop smiling. I am happy beyond understanding and my whole day is happier than any other ordinary day. 2. There is always a temptation to

These one line inspiring sentences will help you start your day with a grateful heart. 1. When you keep God first place and believe in him with all your heart no matter what the situation is…life is good. 2. Want to live the good life? In that

You mind is a powerhouse and what you think has a big effect on your day to day life. My hope is that these lines will help rudder your thoughts in the right direction. 1. Create an unshakable mindset which goes

1. I look out of my window and its a splendid view here. I take a deep breathe and look at the river flowing by glistening in the rays of the sun. Its a wonderful day to start a happy morning. 2. These little things about the early morning like