Good morning quotes for your wife

Monday, 20 July 2015  at 17:15
I will not wait a minute longer to make you mine . I love you so much that I wish I could relive my life  from the start. If all my wishes could come true I would wish to be with you forever.

I have been with so many different people but it has never been the same. You touch a deep part of my heart. I know I can never let you go.  You mean much more than my life to me.

I remember the time
we first met. We both were different people. I was not able to trust anyone. With time and everything you did for me I began to rely on you so much. And now I need you for eternity.

Your laughter is the best sound in the world. Your smile cheers up my world. I never thought anyone could have such a hold on me. You are a necessity in my life and I'm hooked on you.

The simplicity of heart glows on your face. You radiate a light of innocence. What you're worth cannot be measured. All I  know is you're my eternal treasure.

I love to be close to you locked in your embrace. The warmth of your breathing engulfs my heart. I'm so lost in ecstasy I can't see anything but you. I need you to love me forever.

You are so different and not like the others.  When I'm with you I feel loved for who I am. You never try to change me and accept my bad along with my good. In you I know I've found true love.

After knowing of your love I  can never give up what we have. I have watched a lot of love movies and read a lot of books to know that what we share is true love.  Infatuation lasts just a moment but true love lasts a lifetime.

As a painter skilfully paints a canvas so you are carefully created to reflect me. You are a mirror image of what I am. I know you are my soul mate cause know one can love or understand me the way you do.

You are beautiful yet you are so humble. You don't know how valuable you are. I want to spend my lifetime loving you. You are my biggest weakness and my greatest strength. You are my everything.

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