11 Romantic morning quotes for you

Monday, 13 July 2015  at 07:00
It's been so many wonderful years that I have spent with you yet it feels very less. I am sure that even if   had two chances at life it wouldn't be sufficient to love you. You are so priceless and I can't get enough of you.

I need you by my side forever. You are my support when I'm down. You cheer me up every time I frown. Only you can have such magical effects on me.

Each time I see you I get butterflies in my stomach and my heart beats faster. And now after several years you still have the same hold on me.

I want you to be mine exclusively. I
know I can never find another you when if I search the whole world. Finding true love is like finding diamonds in a mine and after meeting you I know is true. You are my lifelong treasure.

You are so perfect. I'm amazed how I was able to find you. It's like I dreamed you into life. I need to be wrapped in your arms and know that you are real.  You are the most important part of me my love.

I have many friends but no one can come close to what I have with you. It's so deep and it's like a friendship set on fire.  My heart burns with desire to be yours forever.  You surpass friendship and take our relationship to another level. You are my soul mate.

Before I met you I was such mess. You came around and picked up all the broken pieces and put me back together and sealed me tight with your love. And now I have no other choice but to love you. You taught me how to be happy once again and now I need you to be happy.

I have always got what I wanted but you are someone I don't mind striving for. No matter how hard it gets to win your heart I will always try because you are totally worth it. You are not like any other you are my only treasure.

When you wrap your arms around me I feel at home. It's like the whole world fades away and you are the only one I see. I know when every thing fails me you won't. You are always there as my constant support and love.

You are the only person who can change me. You bring out the best in me. I want to be at my best because you are in my life. Please stay worth me forever cause I'm not capable of loving anybody else like the way I like you.

You are the only person that inspires me and guides me in the right direction. You are more than a friend.  You are someone I need in my life for sound living. Without you my life will fall apart.

I need your love to bind my brokenness and keep me focused on things that matter in life. To me is always my happiness and love is always going to be you.

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