Try harder - Inspiring quotes

Monday, 4 May 2015  at 13:55
1. Set up your goals and go after them like a Lion prowls against his hunt. Hide and chase it, run and growl or hunt and capture. Do whatever that needs to be done but keep trying harder.

2. A good life is worth every effort you put into it, which is why you need to have bigger goals and keep pushing hard. Then one day you will turn back and look at the legacy you've created.

3. Just when you are
about to give up hope and run away there could be something good coming for you. Keep your eyes and mind sharp and stay focused on the prize. Sometimes victory is closer than you think.

4. You have to fight the battles for yourself, don't expect other people to fight them for you. You have a specific need and you have a specific set of talents. Use them like tools to succeed and reach your destiny.

5. Your children, your spouse and family deserve to have that good life. It all begins with the effort you put into it and the way you utilize the talents and the gifts that have been imparted in you.

6. When you work hard and succeed, you do it not just for yourself but also for the people who depend on you. Your employees, the poor who you are generous towards and your family. They all are waiting on you.

7. Don't let what happened in the past stop you from trying hard this time. You may have lost a few times but this is a new day with a new opportunity. There is no telling how far you could go if you succeed today.

8. Remember that no great accomplishment happened without someone trying at it. Look at all the inventions and success stories. They all began by trying and just kept trying harder and that is exactly what you need.

9. Are you afraid of failing? Don't let that discourage you but let that be a way to encourage yourself. Use it to keep fighting until you fear no more.

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