Inspire yourself quotes

Tuesday, 26 May 2015  at 14:21
1. Aim high and keep your head up because you never know when opportunity will knock on your door and call you in for a life of success.

2. Everyday is a new glimmer of opportunity. Make sure you go out there and turn those chances into something beautiful. As you make this a habit, winning will become a part of your life.

3. Inspiring yourself is more effective that
criticizing yourself. Your internal dialogue in your mind is what sets the tone for the day.

4. When you are hit by a setback remember that there are walls that everyone faces. The difference is that some just give up and sit in front of the wall while winners either crush the wall or climb it over.

5. In order to do great things in life you need to inspire yourself. Believe in greater things to come and make your life better with each passing thought.

6. Be the best that you can be not just for yourself but for those who are looking at you for inspiration. even if no one is you owe it to yourself to make the most of what you have.

7. Failures may come and pass away but those who continually push forward and inspire themselves are the people who make it through all the odds to win big.

8. Working hard without inspiration is like cutting trees without sharpening your axe. You need to sharpen yourself from time to time to keep reaching your full potential and reach your destiny.

9. My dreams are big and I've set my mind on achieving them no matter what. That is why I keep telling myself to push harder and inspire myself with positive thoughts.

10. Every little victory that you have won and every mistake that you have made and overcome is a sign of inspiration. Take it all on your race towards victory, you will need every lesson that you have learnt.

11. Being successful ultimately boils down to opportunity, blessings and willingness. Run the race and try harder because time is passing us all by and those who take it and turn it into some precious are the ones who will be remembered.

12. Take a deeper look at where your life is at the moment and where you want it to go. Then begin planning on how to achieve what you wish. Then follow your plan through - that's how most corporations turn into profitable monoliths.

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