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Tuesday, 12 May 2015  at 09:21
1. Nobody becomes successful in a single day. Mark Zuckerberg refused millions of dollars and even billions from Yahoo and Viacom when Facebook was still growing couple of years ago. You need to work hard and have a massive vision to fuel motivation.

2. To get closer to success you need to be passionate about the things you work towards. If its just another day or just another chore, it won't make the cut. Go where your passion shines.

3. Hard work is just one
aspect of it, you need to get smart and increase your area of expertise in your field of specialization. As you become smarter you will become a precious resource in your field.

4. Its easy to look at successful people but hard to understand the work that consistently goes in to reach the destiny. You may be up to a good start but remember that consistency is key.

5. While others were relaxing I was planning. While they were having a good time, I was working hard thinking about my next move. Now I'm living in success while they live in mediocrity.

6. It may seem like it is far fetched and out of reach but if you are working towards it, you are getting closer to it.

7. Its much better to focus on what you are good at rather than try to improve at things you are not good at. That's because you may work to improve the bad parts and become average but you'll find excellence when you polish your qualities.

8. If you are going through setbacks and failures, don't give up just yet. Things that are worthwhile need a little bit of patience, prayer, faith and hope. The good thing is you will find success along with all these wonderful things.

9. Sometimes when you are making progress, it is easy to think that you are reaching success. Remember that they are 2 different things and keep pushing the limits until you find the destiny.

10. Success will come when you learn to get up another time when you trip and fall. Keeping on going after your goals is exactly how you will reach and conquer them.

11. People may be mean to you and not understand the vision that you have. But that should not discourage you. Use any type of negativity to fuel you passion and take yourself to the next level.

12. On the other hand, your friends and well wishers might actually be looking out for you and encouraging you. Make them partners in success and celebrate them with every milestone that you achieve.

13. No matter which stage in the cycle of success you are at make sure that you avoid complacency and cynicism at all times. Nothing can eat out your chance more than these two.

14. To end this page, I want you to know that I wish you all the very best in your pursuit for success. Let me know if you need anything in the comments section. Thanks again.

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