Face your fears - 10 Motivation Quotes

Monday, 27 April 2015  at 17:44
Victory awaits those who conquer their fears in faith. They become unstoppable and make the most out of life in ways fearful people could not.

2. Even though its not yet a reality, imagine yourself conquering your fears and sense how it feels. Lean on that imagination everyday - that should be a good start to inspire you for a fear free life...no matter what the fear is.

3. I realized that I was not afraid of
losing, I was scared of winning. I was shying away from the limelight. That realization changed my life and now I win far more often than I draw or lose. Recognize your fears and fight them.

4. Let there be no regrets at the end of it all. Fear will is temporary if you go out there and conquer it but regrets last forever.

5. Take a look at things that you do not fear but someone else does. Ask them what are they feeling versus how you feel about it. Then apply the same thing to your own fears.

6. Prepare yourself and stand off against all those fears that hound you. That way you will know how far you have come in life and where you need to go next.

7. Unlocking your fears and conquering them is one of the most liberating experiences you can have. The life that exists beyond fear is worth all the effort put in to conquer it.

8. Keep pushing harder and you will pass far ahead of things that you feared the most. The returns on it could be worth far more than you can think or imagine.

9. A man once carried out an experiment. He leashed his dog within 2 meters and let a cat pass by. As soon as the dog saw the cat he ran to get it but was pulled within 2 meters due to the leash.
This happened several times. Ultimately, the dog gave up, he would not even try. Then one day the owner unleashed him but interestingly the dog never tried.
Moral: There are times when its easier to conquer your limits and fears. Persistence is key to success.

10. Ultimately when you overcome your fears, you will look back and think it was never really a big deal. But what you do need to overcome them is solid motivation. Make a plan and write down everything to inspire you to try again.

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