10 quotes to live a progressive life

Monday, 13 April 2015  at 20:21
Don't stay neutral  or in a state of idleness. At all times think good thoughts and try to do something better. When you make little efforts like that you will begin to manifest good things in your life.

2. Try hard every day and keep moving towards your dreams no matter how small the steps may seem. Soon enough those small steps will give you a big leap and you will arrive at your destiny.

3. There are far too many opportunities and
ways to reach your goals. If you do not give up at any given point in time, you will get closer to victory that presents itself to you.

4. Fall in love with the life God has given you and be thankful for everything and everyone that comes your way. That will help you stay positive, happy and refreshed.

5. Days come and go by and I find myself more strengthened with each day that passes by. I know God is looking over me with love and cares for every step that I take.

6. Share a kind smile and do good works in every chance that you get. Show your kindness to strangers and offer a smile to the weary when you travel or after work

7. If someone is bothering you and stealing your peace of mind, don't fret or try to take revenge. It could jut be a test to prepare you and fill you with greater patience. The temporary discomfort is smaller than the quality that is building inside you.
8. Take a look at how babies learn to take their first steps They crawl, they trip and fall but they still keep going at it. In the same way you maybe taking baby steps towards your dreams but realize that you can make it through step by step as time passes on,

9. Look around at all your friends and find out what is it that they are asking for. They could be asking for advice, for love, for happiness. Realize that you could be the answer to their need.

10. Believe for good things to happen in your life and speak words of progress and success. That is how you will convince your mind and yourself to keep marching towards your destiny ad stay there.

11. There will inevitably be times when we feel down and don't really feel like doing anything. But remember that feelings don't govern things, decisions do. Make the decision to snap out of negative mindsets and habits and to replace them with good ones.

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