11 Good morning quotes for Motivation

Monday, 16 March 2015  at 15:56
Kick start your mind engine with gratitude. Drive steadily with a positive attitude and take the highway for a day full of success and happiness.

1. Do you wonder where your peace and happiness has gone? Its right within you and just like painters create masterpieces, you can create a new you by feeding yourself positive and happy thoughts.

2. No matter how many times you have fallen
you have made it this far. You are still up and so there is a pretty good chance that you will stay up for the rest of the journey. Cheer up and motivate yourself.

3. Believe in your God given abilities and push yourself further in the path that he has created for you. God loves you and you can go far ahead in your life if you have faith.

4. Look at all the wonderful things that have happened in the past. The good people who came and the milestones that you have achieved. Keep pushing and you will reach the place that you need to be.

5. There are so many ideas out there to turn into an invention or a business. You can practically transform your life with a good idea and hard work. Achieve your dreams with confidence.

6. Spend time in learning all about yourself. When you understand your strengths and weaknesses you can improve / ignore what isn't right and build up the talents and qualities to take you to the next dimension.

7. Happiness is a subjective term and the first move is to actually give it some proper meaning. Is earning a million dollars going to make you happy or is 10 million? Or does your happiness lie in seeing your friends and family happy?

8. There are many people in the world who go round and round in circles, never really analyzing what they are trying to achieve. Set the goal right and the rest can go from there.

9. As you climb the ladder of life towards success, remember to celebrate all that has already been achieved. Make sure you enjoy every bit of life because after all the hard work whats the point if you do not enjoy the results?

10. Once you've found your goal in life, strive harder to achieve it everyday. Make it a priority and remove all distractions that come in your path. Success will meet you if you believe, are righteous and do your part well.

There are only 10 here because I want you to write the 11th one in your life. Let me know which one of these you liked the most. Have a great day ahead.

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Thabang Gabayo said...

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