10 quotes to motivate yourself

Monday, 2 March 2015  at 15:35
1. Value the right things and people in your life. Going to sleep rich in the cemetery is of no use, making the best of what life brings your way is what matters most.

2. All of us are in a race to reach higher but some give up. If you have to, try a different route or try going under or above or around but don't let it go. Then you will finish the race like a true champion.

3. Keep stretching the limits and
go further than you did yesterday because you are the only one who can take yourself to your destiny with the help of almighty God.

4. We all know the richest man in the world but what we often ignore is that he has the same number of hours and the same air that we breathe. Don't stop, you can go much further than you think.

5. Sometimes you may feel down and dejected. Those are the times when you need to remind yourself that it is just a bad day not a bad life. You can go on to change and live a great life.

6. If you don't know where to begin, start with your strongest and most positive qualities. It is far better to be improve at the best that you are than to struggle to average your weaknesses.

7. Don't get affected by people who are judgmental nor should you waste your time judging others. Your beliefs do not make you a better human being, your behavior does. Every religion in the world emphasizes on it.

8. Work hard and if you reach halfway through then work even harder until it really pains. Because the pain that you feel today will turn into strength and a great memory for you tomorrow.

9. Keep motivating yourself and when you are in motion, remember to make it a habit. Motivation can help you get that great start but only habit will help you keep doing what you do.

10. When you doubt and have negative thoughts you become your own enemy. Believe in yourself and push yourself to greater heights with positive thoughts that build your vision for life.

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