10 Healing words for the morning

Monday, 30 March 2015  at 15:26
1. Don't stress or give up because God almighty in heaven is keeping a record of every prayer, every need, every tear and pain that you go through. He will help you through & bless your life.
sweet to the soul and healing to the bones

2. When you are finally healed of your problem you will look back to it and smile because what you thought once to be an everlasting problem is now a memory of victory and strength.

3. I have fallen many times before
and have gotten back up. Though this time it looks like it will last forever I know I will be healed and have victory.

4. When things are not going as you wish they did, bow your head and say a special prayer from your heart "God I know you love and care for me. Thank you for taking care of this problem."

5. No matter at what stage of life you are at, may you find peace, love and goodness. May you find a miracle which changes everything in the right direction and brings happiness in your life.

6. If you are in pain and grieving, take all the time that you need. Get your heart and mind lost into something you like. Many pains have found their end as time passes by.

7. Sometimes I ask why do I have to suffer and why I can't be healed quickly. Then I remember my past experiences and realize that these problems only make me a stronger person by every passing day.

8. Pray for the people who are facing the same type of hurt as you are and help those in pain. Sometimes your pain will heal faster when you help those in need.

9. Good words are like medicines which heal heartaches and wounds. If you are going through troubles make sure you encourage yourself with words all day long. Words have power so use them for healing and goodness.

10. Some people naturally have a healing touch or a healing personality. If you know of such a person and you are going through a problem, spend more time with them and find your cure.

11. There maybe people who treat you unfairly, those who do things which are not right. But if you keep doing what is right and don't lose your path, you'll find a greater reward more than you have ever imagined.

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