Never Give Up Morning Quotes

Monday, 9 February 2015  at 12:43
1. There are few people who are truly successful in every manner, few people who attain happiness and only a few billionaires. That is because the majority chooses to give up and that is where the opportunity for the winners lies.

2. Giving up on a right path is like letting darkness come all around you and drag you down a pit. Rise up with a can do mindset and let light dispel the darkness and make your life shine bright.

3. You may have started
with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement in a relationship, a job or a dream but as time passes you may get dragged. Then you feel like giving up. That is when you should remind yourself about how lucky you felt when you first ventured. Keep the dream alive!

4. There were 2 frogs who fell in a pot of milk and so they both kept swimming and hitting their legs to keep their heads above the milk. One of the frogs got tired and decided to give up and died.
        The other frog never gave up and towards the end before his strength was over he felt the milk turning into butter and then finally hard enough for him to climb and jump out!

5. Don't get into a quarrel or a fight with a person who does not give up because they will not let go until they win or have the last word.

What to do when you feel like giving up?

i. Watch someone do something that looks or feels impossible. Then tell yourself that you can go further just like they did. Watch "People are awesome" short videos on Youtube.
ii. Listen to a song which is upbeat and makes you feel happy and energized.
iii. Copy paste some of these quotes and print them out. Then hang them in your living room or bedroom so that you don't feel the anxiety so much next time.
iii. Read inspiring short or long stories.
iv. Book mark this page by pressing Ctrl and D. Then come back and read these quotes to remind and encourage yourself to not give up.

6. Time and again you may find yourself fallen down and not know how to raise yourself back up, but every time that you walk back in you are teaching yourself resilience. You're telling yourself that you are made of steel and that you cannot be shaken.

7. Sometimes life can get frustrating and everything seems to be going backwards. That is when you are tested the most to decide not to give up. To go on with a hope in your heart that everything will be al-right.

8. The key to not giving up is to take a short break, regroup with another idea and then bounce back. Sometimes all we need is to take the pressure off our minds and then go forth with a powerful mindset.

9. The start after all the excitement is usually the hardest but if you stick in there and fight hard, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel and find the beauty you were searching for.

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