8 Things You Should Tell Yourself Every Morning in 2015

Monday, 26 January 2015  at 06:53
1. This day is a gift to me from God and I will use my mind, strength and ability to do things which are not just beneficial for me but also to others.

2. Morning is a time when I feel thankful for all the great things are in my life like family, love, kindness, good health and so much more. I would not be the person I am today without any of these.

3. I may have failed
sometimes here and there but I know that these things are just temporary and a re meant to pass. My destination is peace, love and happiness and that is where I am heading.

4. Life is not a cakewalk and have always known that which is why I am stronger than ever before and I'm ready to work harder and smarter to live the life that I have imagined.

5. I read success stories every other month and I strongly believe that someday someone will be reading a success story and that story will be about me.

Want to succeed in 2015?
Here are some things that you could keep in mind as you go along the weeks, months and quarters of 2015. Make and amend a plan for your life this year. Chalk out what you wish to have and what you want to achieve. Write down the efforts that you will require to put in during this pursuit. Make up your mind to pursue them without any hindrance or stoppages.
Make a list of things that could possibly hinder your progress and write down the possible solutions for these problems. In this way you can organize your goals and you life this year. Granted there will be problems here and there but nothing will compare to the joy you feel when you inch closer to your goals.

6. All these other mundane and boring things which create an unhappy cycle mean nothing much to me. I have made up my mind to work towards things that matter to me and to attain freedom.

7. Motivation resides in my heart and my mind. I have everything I need to work towards the path that will lead to happiness and bliss. There is no turning back now.

8. While problems may seem to be making a bee way sometimes in my life and there may not be a way that I see. But I will keep hoping for a better tomorrow remembering all the great things that I have witnessed in the past in my life.

9. All that I have achieved these years has brought me so far in life. I did not come so far to give in now. I know I have the potential within me and I will keep moving ahead to conquer everything that belongs to me.

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