10 inspiring morning resolutions for this year

Monday, 12 January 2015  at 16:06
I've been blessed with yet another year and I am thankful to God almighty with all my heart for it. I will take the 365 days that are set forth ahead of me and begin from today towards my God given destiny.
~ Tanisha Live

This year is the time when I will create an unwavering decision against the problems that have troubled me. I will be a man focused on good things and that is what I will call and attract into my life.
~ Jason White

Like the stars that twinkle in the night
sky I will shine brightly no matter the negativity and temptations that surround me. I will not give up and will continue towards them every single day.
~ Sophia Jane

2015 will be the year when I let go of harmful people who have wished evil for my life. This year I will actively seek to make friendship with positive and successful people because I know that a person becomes who they surround themselves with.
~ Blake W

Unlike the years when I have made lofty resolutions and left them incomplete, this year is different. I will set forth a few practical goals and achieve them every month as I live and enjoy my life.
~ William Stones

This year I will write down my dreams because I know that just thinking or speaking about them is not enough. Then I will strategize and work towards these dreams step by step to live the life I have always had in my mind.
~ Veronica Rhymes

Like the runner who does starts fast and never stops until he reaches the finish line, I will run towards victory and happiness. I am resolute to create the good things that I have always desired.
~ Nicole J

As beautiful as the break of dawn are my dreams and hopes for this new year. I want to become a better me, an achiever who works on the right path and courageously works towards targets for success.
~ Annabelle Smith

Years come and pass away but what is dear to my heart are the people who are close to me. They are the ones I work hard for and I will continue to fight for them as long as I live.
~ Angela Osborne

As the morning comes yet again, I see many people who wander through to their workplace every single day. I want to be different and do things that I really like and make it big in life.
~ Trevor S

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