2014 Christmas quotes and wishes for everyone

Monday, 29 December 2014  at 15:28
At Christmas we remember God's gift to us of Jesus. During this season and through His love strangers become friends and friends become family.
~ Tabitha Leigh
2014 Christmas quotes
I love snow, I love presents, I love lights, I love eggnog, I love Christmas cookies, and I love mistletoe. I love everything about Christmas from start to finish, from sappy songs to the glitter than gets on your fingertips from all the greeting cards. But what I love the most, my love, is sharing Christmas with you.
~ Ashley Soreness

The best present I ever
received for Christmas was the year my grown daughter, who now has children of her own, thanked me for the Christmases I'd organized over the years. "Momma" she said "I never realized how much work you had making everything perfect!"
~ Ruth S. Thompson

There is only one thing in this world better than experiencing Christmas as a child, and that is experiencing it with a child.
~ Kristin McDonald

Christmas at my house is the loudest, craziest time of the year. Four generations under the same roof, close quarters and weather that keeps everyone indoors, and seven siblings close in age are enough to drive you mad. But as soon as it's over I miss it all so much and can't wait to do it all over again!
~ Carla Linnet

I never liked the holiday season as a child. My father travelled and we never had much money. I envied the other kids in school who seemed to have so much. It wasn't until I grew up and had children of my own, and saw a Christmas tree through their eyes for the first time that I realized how truly magical it is.
~ Elizabeth King

A snowman, a tree, a merrily crackling fireplace. These are all the adornments of Christmas. But what Christmas really is when you get right down to it is the coming together of family. Well, maybe it's also a little bit about presents!
~ Carolyn Herman

Christmas only comes once a year, and only lasts twelve days. This means you have to keep it in you hear for the other 353 with joy, generosity, and above all charity.
~ Rosales Smith

When I was little the most exciting sound in the entire world was the sound of wrapping paper tearing. That tingle in the fingers and racing of the heart that I felt at Christmas time, sitting under the tree at my parents feet, I feel it again now as my children do the same.
~ Sarah Gross man-Lee

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