Words of Encouragement

Monday, 27 October 2014  at 16:39
Focus on your dream and keep working towards them day in and day out. You are destined for greatness and good things are in store for you.
~ Melody Boil
Never look back at the doors that close in your life. But always remember that, whenever a door closes, a better door will open up for you if you do good. Keep hoping, believing and doing the best that you can each day and you will see your life transform.
~ Wanda Bills

It is easy to give up and let
go of a precious dream. But if you want to fully embrace your destiny and live a better life, stand up whenever failure eclipses your happiness, and keep chasing your dreams until you make them come true.
~ Rena Simon

There will be a time when you will wonder whether all of your compromises, failures and moments of unhappiness were worth the struggle. When that time comes, remember about the achievements and joy they eventually brought you, when you felt just like you could fly, like the whole world was yours. Eventually you will see success face to face.
~ Betsy Pan

Chasing your dreams looks simple, but achieving them can be complicated. You will trip, fall, and feel the pain, but will these really matter when you will finally reach the destination? Keep this question in perspective and stay encouraged to keep pushing forward.
~ Nancy Webster

If there is something I learned throughout my life, that is to be patient with myself. Self-growth is a long and tremendous journey, and you will have to never let anything shake your self-confidence to succeed. You may fall sometimes but keep getting up and get back in the race to victory.
~ Linda Alison
If you fail, never let despair capture your heart or soul. Remember that God has a plan for you - one that grants you the right to success and absolute happiness.
~ Ron Shrink

Fear can make you stronger, because it can teach you how to overpower your limits. I feared people reading my writing, always thinking only about negative critics, but I am now the person who inspires thousands of people every single day. The key is to stay motivated and encouraged.
~ Hayden Vince

You might tend to think about problems as stop signs that prevent you from achieving happiness. I look at them as something that will make me stronger, smarter or better. Because, when I finally overcome it, I find myself better equipped on the journey to success.
~ Helena Arden

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