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Monday, 13 October 2014  at 19:41
I surround myself with the best people in the world; my friends. Even when we are physically apart, it is the good memories that keep me going.
~ Rosalie Brown

I have little memory of my childhood days. But every time I go through my photo album, I feel nostalgic. There is always so much laughter and happiness in my eyes.
~ Alyssa Albert

I realize that it is futile to worry
about the future. I have little control over things yet to happen. But I know that I can live for the moment and bask in the joy of my happy memories.
~ Kate West

Like first love, the memories of my youth years hang around me like a halo. They keep me from sinking into the pit of sadness because my memories are all so golden.
~ Jackie Washington

Sad memories should be erased from the mind; they are like a bad spell. Happy memories are like the sun's rays; bright and warm. I hang onto those always.
~ Sandra Cruz

There are times when I sit to watch the sun set and a lone tear makes it way down my cheek. I sigh. It's not sadness that I feel. My happy memories of good times overwhelm me.
~ Alexandra Clark

It is times like these that I need my crazy friends around me. Times when I want to re-live these great memories that I have. My friends are my favorite memories.
~ Alice Donald

When I have nothing else to my name, I pray that I keep my good mind. It is full of memories; funny memories, happy memories, cherished memories.
~ Lynn Terry

My soul mate and I sit on the steps of our house and together, we count the stars to infinity. Then we make a promise to create infinity memories together.
~ Alexis Grant

Like the lasting fragrance of a sweet perfume, my memories are all so intoxicating; some wild, some crazy. But all have one thing in common- boundless laughter with friends.
~ Jayne Pole

What I remember most about my early marriage days is the cold of our first winter together. And even as the world turned white and bleak, we warmed our hearts by making sweet memories.
~ Anna Parker

Fun moments should never be forgotten. They should be captured and cherished and stored where no thief can reach them. They should be made into lasting memories.
~ Angela Lawrence

Memories that last forever are memories that were preserved carefully. They are the memories that you hold onto without letting go. They are the memories that are full of love, of people you loved.
~ Lilly Simony

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