Morning quotations about love

Tuesday, 3 May 2016  at 08:10
Every morning I wake up, smile and pray God to bless your day. You are now part of me and I will never be complete without you. Good morning my love.
~ Sean Peter
Quotations about love
Morning love quotes
Waking up in the morning is very important because you are part of me, the beat of my heart, roses in my garden and my morning sun. I will always live to treat you like my first love.
~ Rose Mary

Even as I wake up
early in the morning, I don't need a cup of coffee or tea, you refreshes me better than tea or coffee. Your thoughts are good enough to keep me excited all day long.
~ Irene Maverick

Last night I dream t about you, we were perfect and we did everything perfectly. I have happy feeling because it was not just dream, but a reality in my life. I love you forever and for always. ~ Mercy Kate

A bed is incomplete without a pillow, sugar is nothing without sweetness and mornings are not complete without you. I truly need you each and every day.
~ Peter Moses

From the day you loved me, things have turned into wonders and life is one big party. My morning has no meaning without your smile. Have a nice day my dear.
~ Mary Nick

Good morning honey, I wanted to let you know that you are always on my mind, my soul and my heart. Every time I think about you and wish you were not so far away from me. I miss you.
~ Jane John

Darling, I know that you want to succeed in life, so here's a morning quote on success. Confidence comes with success, but success comes to those who have confidence. Begin your day with confidence.
~ Dane Cyprian

There are so many people in the world, but in my world you are the most important person. I will give my best to cherish this feeling and this relationship.
~Alexandra Moss

If I had chance to choose, I would definitely choose you again and again, come rain come shine. I will live to love you to the eternity.
~ Grace Richard

Special is your name, lonely is who I am without you, dearly is how I love you. These are my words, and believe they are true.
~ Rehab Eduardo

Your love is like sun rays, although I cannot see the burning rays, I can comfortably feel the warmth just like I always feel your love every morning. Have a blessed day.
~ Hilda Jefferson

I totally love the creator of heaven and earth, I see the morning sun and get humbled by the love you have for me. I thank God for the love that I have experienced through you.
~ James Bright

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