Early morning quotes

Monday, 15 September 2014  at 16:08
I wake up every morning, smelling the dew and freshness of the nature. It makes me feel lucky to embrace morning of another day and to know how blessed I am to have another day of life.
- Alana

I see my family, my house, my garden and myself and feel grateful to God for such a blessing and making me feel special. The Lord has made all things so beautiful, early morning is when I thank and give him praise.

No matter what situation
you are going through, make sure that you begin your morning with a positive attitude. Think happy thoughts and you will find it easier to reach your goals.
~ Joan Whitley

Just like the darkness of night turns to a fresh bright day, I look forward to meeting new goals, new people and accomplishments with zeal early every morning.
- Cara

Morning begins with the sweet chirping of the birds. It continues with the glow of the sun and the happiness of breakfast and coffee. The only one that I miss the most is you and I wish you were here with me.
- Emily

Greener is the grass every morning,
Pleasant is the start of my day,
No matter what I do,
I am blessed with happiness in every way.
- Catherine

Smelling the fragrance of flowers and mud,
Embraced in natures bed.
As I awake every morning to bright sunshine,
Nature gives a reason to start with a happy mind.
- Lucy

I cherish closeness of nature every dawn as I wake up, I move ahead in the journey in a hope of another morning to await.
- Sophia

Every morning as I get up, I look forward to the day as I know there is something wonderful waiting just for me.
- Bela hangman

A new day begins with a hope, peace and wish that love embraces me every minute and in every step I take.
- Arthur

We are only sure of the few days that we have to live on earth. Every morning as you step our make sure that your loved ones know that they are cherished in your heart and mind.
- Riley

My lord has given me another morning to sustain,
I will enjoy and be happy in a way I can retain.
- Mary

Bright and beautiful like the morning,
enchanting is the beauty of the rays,
I live every moment in joy and bliss,
knowing God made me and he is great.

As I awake in the morning, I observe growth and learning, beauty and goodness everywhere; this makes me younger and love my life all over again.

Success is ready to embrace you with love, though you may have fallen, this morning you can rise again. Look up to the sun which never fails to show up and be determined to shine with brightness.

Every morning I say to myself, "Have a nice day", I live to love everything I received by God's grace pouring over me. I will always be thankful for wonderful gift of family, home, love and peace.
- G.Laden

This morning has given me another sunrise, another day to laugh and live, to enjoy and accomplish which is a blessing from god.

I give up what's lost and I cherish what I have. Though some days are trouble some and sometimes I loose all hope, something within teaches me to surrender and let go. A new morning has arrived and everything is going to be alright.

Each morning is new and special,
As it brings new solutions,
A new zeal to move ahead,
Be it sorrow or happiness.
- Joe

I pray god for health and happiness to each and everyone and gratitude for whatever I have been given. I know that if I stay positive and thankful until noon, my entire day will be full of happiness and joy.
- Rita

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