Beautiful Quotes about Family Love

Monday, 8 September 2014  at 10:53
Family always comes first to every person. It is important to show love to your family, whether its your mother, father, grand parents or your siblings. Here is a list of beautiful family love quotes that can inspire you.

Family is a beautiful gift from up above. In a world where no one genuinely cares about you, family is a bond that is second to none.
~ Fred Johnson
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Quotes about family love
Our family is not necessarily our blood related relatives. Our family, are the people in our life who also want us in their lives. People who accept us for who we really are, and can do anything just to put a smile on our face. They are the one who will love us no matter what.
~ Charles Sosa

The love of a
mother for her little baby compare to nothing else in this world. It is a sweet family and the strongest relationship of all.
~ Agatha Christine

Being in a family means that we are a part of something that is far bigger than we are. It simply means we will love and be loved for the rest of our lives.
~ Henry Ward Beecher

Where does our family start? It always starts with one man falling in love with a beautiful girl. There is no other superior alternative found on this.
~ Winston Churchill

A mother discovers that one doesn't love her child just because he or she is her child but because of the friendship they build while she was raising the child.
~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The true unconditional Love is loving your children for who they are, not for what they can don't. This is not something that we can achieve every time but is a thought that should always be held in our hearts every day.
~ Stephanie Mastodon

If someone were to bring harm to anybody I love, my family or my friends, I would eat them raw. Yes, I might go to jail for many years but I would still eat them given a second chance. I love my family way too much.
~ Johnny Del

Love and admiration that is brought by just having family and friends is more important that the wealth and privileges accumulated for many years.
~ Charles Cultural

What do people who love you do? They always put their warm hands around you and love you even when you are not lovable. That's what your family does.
~ Deb Canaletto

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