Morning birthday quotes

Monday, 4 August 2014  at 13:06
Birthdays are special and so we have prepared happy quotes and wishes especially for your friends and family.

The dreams you dreamt and the goals you set,
it's time to make all of them come true,
take you eagle wings and fly high above.
A very happy birthday to you!
~ Sherry Leonel
Morning birthday, Happy day
Birthday quotes
The best present I could ever give you is my birthday wish and the trust and years of friendship. May God bless you.
~ July Barons

I hope you always wake up with
a smile on your bright face, I hope your dreams come true and flood your life with joy. Happy birthday to you!
~ Sterling

You are one in a million, the special one who makes me smile.
I wish you all the success and happiness all through life.
Happy Birthday!
~ Stella June

Happy birthday sayings

The days you live, the nights you dream. All may give you happiness and brighten up your life. The sun may shine this morning and bring you all the luck. Have a blast on this birthday.
~ Anita Winters

I hope my wishes brighten up your day, be thankful for the life you got, the air you breathe and the love you get. Happy Birthday!
~ Marcus Polo

When you feel alone, see those birds chirping and the beautiful sun shining. It's your time and you are only limited by your fears. Wake up and let your dreams take over.
~ Melissa Covert

On this holy day and this bright morning, the stars be with you and all your wishes come true. Happy Birthday my best friend!
~ Jamie Wright

You smile is special to me. It can enrich my day and makes me happy. A very good morning a a blessed Happy Birthday.
~ Adam Chandler

I've never looked forward to someone's birthday like I'm looking up for yours, The sun shall shine, and lend its grace over the most special person in my life. Happy Birthday and Good Morning!
~ Emma Jones

A morning prayer, a morning thought, a morning wish and a morning love, for the most amazing person in my life. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!
~ Julie Tennyson

Life does not come with any guarantee, so wake up with a smile this morning, and be ready to get amazed by the blessings of nature. May God Bless you, Happy Birthday!
~ Kevin Douglas

Hey You, rise up and shine, I wish you all success and hope all is fine. May these blessings make your dreams come true, here I am wishing you a Happy Birthday with a party due.
~ David Hussy

The day which we all may fear to be the last, the same day is the birthday of our eternity. Good Morning sunshine.
~ Amber Perry

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