Change is good quotes

Monday, 7 July 2014  at 00:21
Don't get scared of transformation and change. At the moment it may look like you are having to give up something important but in the end you will have something even better.
~ Change is inevitable

March forth with courage and a good mindset towards change. You were made for greater things in life and you should pursue them with all your heart.
~ Maria Mars

Don't wait for a particular time or person to come forward in order to make the change you wish. Go forth and make it yourself because you have the vision, talent and power to do it.
~ Tony Yikes

Embrace change with
all your heart instead of fighting it and getting frustrated. Sometimes it is better to go with the flow instead of trying to swim against the currents.
~ Drawbridge Inquisitor

Change is good quotes

If things are looking bad then go ahead and change them. If you do not like what you have right now, you should devise plans and make efforts to change into something better.
~ Shawn Wells

Make sure that you get permanent happiness in exchange for temporary pain and not the other way round.
~ Change is the only constant

Some people see no good results in life and they stay where they are for several years. That is only because they never sincerely put in the effort that is required to change.
~ Mantelshelf Voice

Change in simply inevitable because everyday new improvements and developments are happening everywhere. If you do not accept progress, you will be left far behind.
~ David Hash-off

People want to see real results and these come from real efforts put in towards change. Strive to do something better every single day and then you will find the life that you dreamed of.
~ Willy Summers

Change is not easy and it does not always feel good. Sometimes you have to struggle and even crawl one step at a time. But if you keep your eyes on the final goal, you will easily reach your destiny.
~ Frank Iowa

One important thing to keep in mind while going through change is to not look back. Keep your focus on where you want to go and you will find success.
~ Craig Dilly

All it takes to create change is one positive thought or idea. That is all you need in order to climb up and reach the prize.
~ Gilbert Meant

Sometimes situations are tough and it is almost seems to be impossible. That is the time when you should step back, reflect and change your attitude.
~ John Madison

Never underestimate the power of people who are determined to change life and work with all their might towards it. They are the ones who turn into leaders and revolutionize the world around us.
~ Peter White

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