Daily motivational quotes

Monday, 2 June 2014  at 11:14
The human mind is like a powerful absorbent. Anything that you give it in big quantities, it can transform your life into it. Give your mind the gift of inspiration, positive thoughts and good deeds.
~ Jane Pastor

Daily inspirational quotes

I have made the ultimate decision to stay positive from the start of the day to its end. A motivated heart knows no boundaries and the time to start positive is when you step out of bed.
~ Loire Watt

Let go of people who
put you down and take your joy away. Don't let unhappy people ruin your joy and side track your dreams. You have a greater potential and it can grow with the right people in life.
~ Diana Pie

There is enough negativity in the Television and newspapers which is why I turn them off. My goal is to become a better and successful person. I don't mind giving up negativity in all forms.
~ Chang Knight

Struggles are just temporary and should be looked up to as steps of a ladder leading to success. Victory is close at hand if you learn and stay motivated.
~ Vincent Briggs

Life is a rush sometimes with timelines, deadlines and massive loads of work. Make sure that you sharpen your mind and attitude from time to time so that you can become faster and better.
~ Alhena Ross

Inspiration lies not just in moments of greatness but also in the daily routines. Simple heroic deeds that happen everyday by normal people are the real source of motivation.
~ Samson Knowles

Some nay-sayers think that inspiration does not last for long and so it does not have much benefit. Even taking bath does not keep you clean forever which is why we need it everyday.
~ Tiara White

I hear a lot of people saying that 25 is quarter life crisis and 35 years is mid life crisis, but I beg to differ. Jimmy founded Wikipedia at 35 and Mozilla founded at  age 35+. Age is just a number.
~ Shane Halon

If you run behind results you may or may not get motivated and change. A good way to win in life is to focus on changes which ultimately help get the right results.
~ Oscar Bright

Greater things happen when you begin to believe. At the start you may find this exercise difficult due to the doubt mindset but slowly and steadily you will be able to move ahead.
~ Vienna Start

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