Daily Morning quotes

Monday, 9 June 2014  at 20:08
Here are some motivational daily morning quotes. These quotes will help you keep your mind focused right at the start of the day.

This is a fresh new day and you have been chosen to be in charge of all things in your life. Do all the things that matter and go for things that will improve your life.
~ Mike Terrier

A hot cup of coffee and a day full of good news and happiness. That is what I am expecting today and that is how my day will turn out to be.
~ Mack Lively

Don't let haters distract you from your ultimate goals which are important in life. Live the life which you have dreamed of and let good things happen steadily.
~ Andrea World

Everyday in life is a reason for something good and something new. Create your adventures and go ahead to explore them with all your heart.
~ Conifer Ling

When you begin with a happy mindset, people near you will see the glow that you have every single day. You will be a light to people who need it and a happiness beacon to everyone around you.
~ William Johns

Begin your morning with thanksgiving and praise to God almighty. There are so many things that you have been blessed in life.
~ Tania Snow

If you invest your time in the wrong people and bad thoughts you will find your life spiraling down on that path. Start your day with your mind focused on higher things and you will see your life soar.
~ Anthony Wright

I have made the decision to wake up each morning and not pay any attention to negative talk or situations. I will be too busy progressing and being happy that I won't have time for anything wrong.
~ Serene Law

A good life is not just created in an instance. You need to pray for it, stay encouraged, invite happiness and work hard towards preserving it. There are no shortcuts to a good life.
~ Alice Straws

There is success on the earth, love in your life and joy in this world. Open your eyes and recognize your strengths. Be thankful and work hard towards them.
~ Olga Pete

When you feel like quitting and there is too much burden on your life pray to God almighty every morning. When you keep him as your focus everyday, you will find happiness and desires that he has placed inside your heart coming true.
~ Allan Hills

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