Quotes to live by

Monday, 12 May 2014  at 23:35
Some people in my school used to laugh and make fun of me because I was different. But now as I own my company and do better than all of them I can't help but be thankful and humble.
~ Rachel Wise

The way you think about people, things and situations is the way your life will turn out to be. Choose to live and think happiness, joy, success, love and goodness.
~ Caroline Mach

Live an amazing
life and treat people in the best way possible. Then when someone spreads bad rumors about you, no one will believe them.
~ Melissa Malls

Quotes to live by

Choose to listen to motivating and inspiring words from the heart rather than random negative opinions of people. If you follow this you will have better confidence and find amazing things happening in your life.
~ Andrew Slight

You can light many things with a single candle just like your smile can light up many people. It does not cost anything and yet create ripples of happiness.
~ Laura Rain

There are so many fashions all over the world. They pass away as soon as they come but style is something that lasts forever. So don't about fashion but stay stylish.
~ Jack Olsen

You don't need to wait if you want to start making this world a better place. An encouraging Facebook status or a kind word to a loved one is all it takes and costs nothing.
~ Shelby Malt

When you are about to choose your job, don't go for the one with a lot of holidays but the one which you won't need a vacation from.
~ Lisa Bails
If you are aiming to get something you don't have right now then you will need to think work and believe like you never did.
~ Sophie Ahab

One good practice is to think how it would feel to listen to the words before you speak them. That will help you gain more friends, loved ones and fans.
~ Katie Roads

When you do good things for others, it is not just they who get blessed. You in turn feel the goodness and it is a chain of happiness.
~ Stephanie Mires

Of all the qualities that are there in life, you should gain love, hope and kindness. With these it is easier to live life happily and gain untold success.
~ James Bent

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