Good Night Quotes

Monday, 19 May 2014  at 21:27
Here are some beautiful good night quotes which you can read and send to your friends.

I am going to a land where there are stars, dreams and beauty. Lying cozily on my bed with my stomach full and my mind at peace is my favorite part of life.
~ Celia Patton
Good Night Quotes
Good Night Quotes
Hope is when we go off to sleep but remember to set an alarm on our phones even though we don't know if we will live tomorrow. Stay hopeful and sleep well.
~ Hannah York

No matter how the situation may seem to you,
as long as your heart is clean and conscience true,
you will enjoy good sleep and sweet dreams will
come to you!
~ Lain Shawn

Some stars in the night sky seem
to disappear for a moment and seem to reappear and shine brighter. Sometimes it may seem like happiness is gone but if you stay patient it will come back more than ever before. Good Night.
~ Caspar Ring

Good Night Quotes

Today may have been a tough day but don't loose hope and stay brave. Tomorrow will bring a new opportunity along with a new day. Good Night!
~ Molly Bright

I don't need a lot of things. I only seek a life of goodness, friendship, happiness and love. That is all that I will dream tonight and wish that it comes true.
~ Andrew Gray

I was looking at the beautiful nigh sky and tried remembering a beautiful person. That is when I thought about you and want to wish you good night.
~ Libya Kings

If you are unable to sleep because of anger, forgive the people and the situations and don't let them rob your peace. If you are worrying about something, give it out to God because he is going to be awake anyways.
~ Anthony Life

It is a good practice to think peace filled, happy and victorious thoughts before going to bed. As you wake up next day, you will already feel good and be vibrant and energy.
~ Briana Lee

Don't let the night spring up on you with anger and grudges against someone else. Forgiveness not because it is good for them but because it will set you free. Good Night.
~ Reagan Wild

I have been too busy loving, living and being happy and have no time to hate anyone. My time is precious and so is my sleep. This attitude keeps worries away and lets me have a good night.
~ Latoya Gray

From the rising of the sun to its setting, happiness and goodness have been in my mind. That is exactly what I wished for last night and is all that I will ever need.
~ Delilah More

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