Memorial day Quotes

Monday, 28 April 2014  at 17:26
Get inspired by these patriotic memorial day quotes which will make you think about your country.

Real heroes do not really believe in showing off nor are they proud and over confident. They are the ones who are humble and ready to sacrifice their lives for countrymen whom they have never even met in life.
~ Valerian Lobe

They use their guns and all the weapons that they possess not because they hate other people or they wish to hurt others. They do it because they love their countrymen, most of all the ones home.
~ Jack Moister

Memorial day Quotes

Let us never forget the brave men and women who have gone down for the sake of this country. These are the people who did not hesitate to lay down their life for you and me.
~ Cynthia Vaughn

Some sacrifice through prayers while
others sacrifice through deeds. But among all the sacrifices there is no sacrifice greater than laying your life down for someone else.
~ Timothy Jones

This is just one day among the three hundred and sixty five that we remember our soldiers. But in reality we must never forget the heroic sacrifices made by our countrymen in making this country what it is today.
~ Cardiff Haney

Sometimes it brings tears to my eyes to see people who have gone ahead and sacrificed their life. They did so for me just because they wanted me to be live life in freedom and in peace.
~ Elliot Gutenberg

I can only imagine the dreams and aspirations that passed away along with these men of valor. I am determined to life my life the best way I possibly can because someone thought I was important enough to lay down their life for me and the country.
~ Jean Francois

As we sing the national anthem, my head is held high to know that there still exist selfless men who work hard, shoot and take bullets for their country.
~ Billy J

Most of the people give something in life for their country but there are some people who just give all they have without flinching. We need more of such heroes to inspire and renew our minds.
~ Falcon Tort

The beauty of their bravery is not just limited to the current generation of our countrymen but extends to all the future generations which are still to come. That is how awesome these people are.
~ Halley Vincent

"Take me to the Brig. I want to see the real Marines."
~ Chesty Puller

This land is free because there are people who are brave enough to make it so. Bravery goes beyond all religion, race and creed. It is a gift from almighty God to the chosen few.
~ Jennifer Williams

They could have chosen another easier path in life but they did not. Instead they decided to go through grueling training and pain just so others may live in safety and peace.
~ Brad Cosby

They are not just people who provide security to the country and defend the borders. These are keepers of peace who ensure that there is harmony and joy within the homeland.
~ Wilkinson Brand

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Special dates to remember:
American Memorial day: 26th May 2014.
Australia & Canada Remembrance day: 11th November 2014
UK remembrance day: Sunday, 9th November 2014

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