Good Quotes about Love

Monday, 28 September 2015  at 08:55
The first touch from the one you love sends a shiver down your spine. Not because you are thrilled by the touch but because you knew you needed this person all your life.
~ Angela Woods worth
Sometimes when I look at your cute face I cannot help but wonder how happy I am with you. Just a few years back things were so different without you and now its all beautiful.
~ Swede Norris

Like the lovely lush flowers you
make my life fragrant with happiness. All I want to do is to be a part of this beautiful garden called love.
~ Jack Stone

You are such a bright light in my dark life that you turn my nights into day and all I do is dream about you.
~ Shana Jane

You could want with all your heart to live by yourself, but along the way comes someone so magnetic that you cannot help but fall in love with them. That is the goodness of LOVE!
~ Jolly Might

When you find true love, you have found a lifelong treasure.  Invest time in making your relationship beautiful because its far better than anything else in the world.
~ Martha Black

Love is magical, It doesn't judge the outward appearance. It's a tie of two souls that can never be broken.
~  Andrew Patterson

A kiss is a beautiful explanation of love that words can't express. It's the best form to express that you need your partner.
~ Agatha Brooks

Love is a connection deep rooted in the heart. It has no boundaries and sees no mistakes. It is pure and beautiful.
~ Jeremy Hastings

Every person searches for true love but only some find it. To find one's soul-mate means to find paradise here on earth.
~ Hanna Martins

The basis of a healthy relationship is adjustment. You cannot be in love if you can't be patient with the other. It will just burn out.
~ Emily Green

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Sharmin Ahmed said...

The love quotes are really awesome. It speaks my heart. It helps me to express the words which are not spoken. I just love it......

Kellie said...

Feeling the same. the love quotes are really help me :)

Prisca Mubanga said...

The love quotes are really beautiful and sincere. It speaks my heart... I really love it!