How to build a website step by step without coding

Sunday, 9 March 2014  at 15:38
Follow my lead and I will
show you how you can set up a website in less than 30 minutes and experience the joy that I did. I bet you won't regret having learnt this new skill and I won't charge you for any of this just like I never have for any of my good morning quotes.

Note: Before we get into it I want to tell you that there are some services out there which allow you to create a site for free like Wix, but the problem is that they don't allow you to advertise on them because they (the company) own the site. Hence you cannot make money with those sites. When the company shuts down, your blog shuts down too which is bad.

I'll take you through a much better process which will help you own your site and make money via ads... one just like you see above.

Here is what I will take you through step by step:
1. Set up a domain name and install the best CMS which is wordpress
2. Show you how to include Google adsense ads on your site just like the ones you see on this site to start making money.

So get a cup of coffee or whatever that motivates you because this will be a joy ride.

1. Set up a domain name and host WordPress: 
To begin your website we will need a domain name (An example of domain name is ) Then we need a hosting service to actually put the content (text, videos and images) on the domain.
These two steps is all it takes to create a good website.

Blue Host provides both domain name and hosting. I like Blue Host because they are very reliable and seldom have downtime. That is very important when choosing hosting. Also they provide a free domain name which is great.

Here is what to do next:
1. Go to Blue Host and click on get started now.
2. It will prompt you for a plan. Choose any one plan for now. I'd say choose the cheapest.
3. It will then ask you to choose your domain name. Choose the name that you like. Preferably name it around a topic that you will passionately write about. Then click next.
4. Then it will take you to the next page where you fill in your name and other details.

To make this even more simple for you, here's a video which takes you step by step very easily.

Before you start the video, make sure you go to Blue Host. This video also has a stopwatch to show you how quickly a website can be created.

Congratulations! Your website is up without any coding. Don't worry if you didn't get it. Just comment below and I will help you. If you successfully got it lets create your first post and first page.

Before you get to this next video, just login to your account using the ID and password that you started with. Then lets proceed to this video to create your a post.

If you followed those steps you're now a real blogger just like me. And it didn't even take 30 minutes. Were you expecting it to be hard? Now you know it is really easy.
Now you can start writing inspiring content just like I do and do amazing things.

2. Putting up ads via Google Adsense
Oh yes, after you write some quality posts you can apply to Google adsense program to start making money just like me.
Before applying to the adsense program I suggest you write at least 4 posts. This will add credibility to your website. Write about anything that motivates you. Any topic that you absolutely love. It could be quotes, football, love, news, food or anything else you are passionate about.

After that you can click here to apply for adsense. Remember that you cannot apply for adsense without a website so make sure that you follow the previous steps.

Bookmark this page by pressing Ctrl and D or save the link to come back to this page.

Comment below and let me know how you're feeling about your brand new website.
Before you go I want to say that I really appreciate you and thank you for taking the step to inspire and help yourself and others via your website.

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