Good Love Quotes

Monday, 24 March 2014  at 09:08
You were flashy like the lightening.
and got introduced to me like thunder,
You changed everything in my life in a moment,
you are my sweetest wonder!
~ Jared Puce
Good Love Quotes and sayings
Good Love Quotes
Good love is about making peace among people, creating smiles when friends are sad and spreading cheer instead of worry and fear. Love is always good.
~ Whop Diamond

When you look into my eyes I think of all the lovely moments we have spent together in laughter and happiness.
~ Carrel Star

I could give you a flower but your
face is more beautiful than that. I could gift you pearls but I gave you my heart - which is more precious than jewels. For you I could do anything at all.
~ Mariana Woo

They say that love hurts and is painful but they are wrong. What creates pain is betrayal, being lonely, hatred and revenge. Love was, is and will always be pure and full of goodness.
~ Czech York

In a new relationship the start may make you nervous and when it all ends you may feel devastated but it's the part in between that makes it all worth it.
~ Lombard Suffuse

One day a man got lost in the wilderness and wandered for hours only to find a filthy hut. He went in and asked for anything available to eat or drink. The lady inside gave him something to eat and drink He had his share and asked what would she take in return and she said "No charge".
~ Zane Buck

This man a noble doctor was very touched. Years later he was treating a rare sickness in a child who was extremely sick and he went in and performed a major operation. The bill ran into thousands of dollars. He met the mother of the child who could not afford that kind of money.
~ Canny Dane

He instantly recognized the woman from the filthy hut. He wrote up the bill after her son was healed. It read, "For the food, drink and your loving kindness for when I was lost and starving. No charge".
She knelt down and thanked God for love which is kind, pure and always good.
~ Unknown

You can either be cursing and being unhappy about all the hatred and wrong things happening in life. Or you can make a choice to be happy and thankful for love from God, friends and family.
~ Cayman Solace

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