Good friend quotes

Monday, 5 October 2015  at 20:04
My friends are one of the best people in this world. They turned into wing men and helped me find my first girlfriend. Finding love through friends is the happiest thing ever.
~ James Shrink

When I am alone I look at all our pictures together. Some of them are crazy, others are wacky and the rest are full of laughter and fun. I love my friends!
~ Zorn Bills

Do you have a problem or is there something you are happy about? Take it to a friend. They know exactly how to multiply happiness and divide our sadness.
~ Wanda Truce

I am the kind of
friend who will hum the tune of the song that you forget. The kind of person you call late in the night and share all your secrets and happenings.
~ Allan Olga

Good friends are those that know how to make you smile in an instant. You can never get such a person out of your heart and mind.
~ Quince Mall

As I am growing up, people seem to be changing. But there is still one person I remember every now and then when I am excited or unhappy. That person is you!
~ Vince Boil

With so much happening in my life, these good friends are the only reason why I am always cheerful. Without them I think I would have been a wreck.
~ Patrick Vile

Some friends are there for a season and when the season is over they are gone. Others are there for a reason and they go away after it's accomplished. But few are good friends who come and stay forever.
~ Cornelius Pitt

My best friend is like the moon in the night sky. I cannot always see him around but I know that he is always around me to help me out.
~ Oran Saw

Some people come into your life and remain strangers. You never get to know them any better but there are those who come and turn into friends and they make a home in your heart and mind.
~ Melton Sue

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