St. Patrick's Day quotes

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This page is full of St. Patrick's Day quotes. You will also find lovely Irish sayings that will make your heart warm and put a smile on your face.

May all your dreams come true as your life changes for good. Let the skies be clear and the sun shine over your head. Have a laugh with your friends and remember the good old St. Patrick.
~ Jane Fine
St. Patrick's Day quotes
St. Patrick's Day quotes
Stay around your families and let
them know how much they mean to you. Tomorrow may not be granted to them so make the most of the chances you have right now and let them know that you care.
~ Filament Rock

Even when the sun is hidden behind the clouds, I believe that it exists. When I don't feel love around me, I still believe in its power. I know that God almighty is everything even when I have problems.
~ Irish saying

Silence I cannot keep anymore because God has been so good to me and has granted me so many blessings in Ireland. I want to tell all the nations in the world about God's grace and goodness.
~ Janet Cross

I wish for you that your bank accounts should be heavy and your sense of humor bright. May almighty God bless you and protect you from morning until night.
~ Shane Alfonzo

Tip for St. Patrick's Day: If people don't dance at your parties just hold up the line to the toilets.
~ Advice and tips

Most people think of St. Patrick's day as one massive Irish party. But it is much more than just a beer party. There are so many things that cause divisions but this is a day which unites people together.
~ Jacob Nora

Irish weather is cold and harsh. But people there thrive and survive with the warmth that is always present in their hearts.
~ Tiara Joseph

Laugh with all your heart and spend your time with friends and those who really matter to you. Leave the worries behind and live the day with happiness and joy.
~ Titania Lou

Sinful deeds provide pleasure only for a few minutes or a few days but they pass away. In the same way sinners will pass away like a puff of smoke or a cloud that passes away.
~ St. Patrick

St. Patrick was a bishop who fought against slavery and supported women even before slavery was recognized by others. He introduced a lot of people to Christianity.
~ Wiki

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