Good Friday Quotes 2014

Monday, 24 February 2014  at 12:56
Jesus our savior dies for us on Good Friday. Here are some quotes that will lead you closer towards him in love and service.

Thank you Lord Jesus for sacrificing your life for my sake. You are the king of kings and the creator of the universe, yet you died for me. I love you with all my heart Lord and wish to spend eternity with you.
~ Amy James

This good Friday, help me Lord to become a humble and a serving person. Make me more like you Jesus so that I may lead others to you.
~ Tony White

When something pokes me I feel such an agonizing pain. I cannot imagine what the Lord went through just so that I could enter heaven. Thank you Lord for loving me more than I have loved you.
~ Larson Malt

The blood of the
Lord was shed for us all so that we could come to the cross as many times as we needed to and cleanse ourselves in the blood of the lamb. God's ways are greater than our ways.
~ Dickson Martin

There are so many times I feel revengeful and angry against those that hurt me. Yet when I read the Bible, I see that your words for those who crucified you were "Father forgive them for they know not what they do."
~ Ronny Joy

I used to look at the cross and think of it as a tool of pain and agony. But the same cross which brought death is the reason for victory. Our God reigns above all.
~ Andre Sales

The result of sin is death and accordingly we all ought to die in hell. But Jesus Christ paid the price instead of us and so we have been made clean according to the Lord's mercies.
~ Veronica Might

It is beautiful to see that the story never ended at the cross but continued further. What a loving, kind and merciful God we serve. I love you with all my heart oh Lord.
~ Donna Blue

Greater love and mercy has never been seen than the one shown by our Lord Jesus. Even for the one's who sinned and ill treated him, he showed nothing but goodness.
~ Jenna Atkins

In the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus healed the soldier who was sent to arrest him. Even those who hate him receive love in return. What a great God we serve.
~ Leona Lewis

Who can understand the mercy and kindness of our Lord? It is beyond all what we can ask or think of. All I want to do now is to walk uprightly and do what the Lord commanded.
~ Dona Brown

Lord my God, I am sorry for all my sins and wrong doings for which you died on the cross. Help me to be a true repentant and to walk on the path that you have set for me.
~ Angus Wright

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