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Saturday, 21 May 2016  at 21:49
Feeling good is not temporary, you can make it a habit in life. Just count your blessings and look at the qualities you have inside of you. Open up the treasure of talents inside you.
~ John Martha
Don't be fooled by people who talk negatively about you. You were created by the creator of the universe - the almighty God. He made all things beautiful just like you.
~ Phoebe Love

Want to be loved, find happiness and become successful in life? The 1st thing to do is to fill your mind with positive successful thoughts and then feel good. Good feeling bring good actions which lead to destiny.
~ Jeremy Dwight

You start everyday with a blank slate. Make sure you scribble power words in it and draw a plan for victory. You are a winner and your life should reflect it.
~ Michigan Sue

Good feelings come when
you are around good people who brim with happiness and good will. All you need to do is make positive friends who are progressive. Good feelings will follow.
~ Graham Buds

Even if you do not have good friends, you can still be happy. You do not need approval from others to live a good life. Believe in your heart and become a light unto yourself.
~ Gordon Halls

Remember that you are a full of creativity and talents. You have good qualities within you that can make not only you happy and rich but also others cheerful. Never forget how important you are.
~ Sheena Rose

Feeling good is a simple process which begins in the mind. If you think power thoughts and happy thoughts every day you will automatically feel good and be led for greater things in life.
~ Yolanda Maze

No matter what you are going though in life, remember that it can all change in a moment. You could go from being average to extra ordinary. Great men experienced this and you can too.
~ Quincy Jack

A computer gives back to you the information you feed into it. In the same way your mind and your life give you what you think about. Think positive things which are good and inspiring and see the changes.
~ Moldy Iowa

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