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Tuesday, 26 April 2016  at 12:16
Life is wonderful when you have the freedom to wake up late to a cup of coffee. Refreshed, you see a lovely text from the one you love and for the rest of the day you just lay by the beach with feed buried in sand.
~ Juan True

Speak good things into your life. Be an inspiration to yourself and promote your mind with higher goals. Then you will see your life elevate to a new level of happiness.
~ Gillian Bait

Gift yourself with people who care and wish good things for you. They will keep hope and faith alive inside. In life, they are the ones who will be your sunshine.
~ Oran Dwayne

Wake up with a thankful heart. Remember that you have life and you can still achieve all the things that you need to live the good life.
~ Karen Wine

Belief is extremely powerful in life. In a single day
everything could change for good. You could go from a being an average person to a billionaire. All you need to do is believe.
~ Finale Row

No matter how deeply you are stuck in problems of life, remember that it all passes away. All you need is a positive mindset and a strong belief in your creator.
~ Nelda Ski

Thrash the baggage of your past and let those bad feelings delete themselves. You need to make space before building a successful foundation.
~ Yolanda Rick

You may look at life as infinite but you only live a limited number of days here on earth. Tell your loved ones how precious they are, follow your destiny and do good things that make you smile.
~ Billy Polski

You did not come this far in life to just give up and go with the flow. You can still go far ahead and do things that you dreamed of. Giving up in never the option in life.
~ Arnold Payne

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