Good people quotes

Tuesday, 1 December 2015  at 07:29
Their value is not in dollars or pounds but in qualities, virtues and the wealth that they create in your heart and mind. Having a good person in your life is like having a gem that cannot be price tagged.
~ Tara Mink

No matter how bad the darkness may seem, one ray of light brings hope back in life. In the same way no matter how many bad people you encounter, a few good people can still change the world.
~ Shawn Tar

The problem in the world is not
so much when the wicked people spread obstructions and hatred. Apathy arises when the good people do not stand for what is right.
~ Jacob Mall

Good people quotes

All that needs to be done is to stop focusing and fighting the negative things in life and start building up the dreams and realities that really do matter.
~ Carr Folks

There are some who do a good deed one day and then stop for the next few months. Goodness is something that takes birth in the heart and flows like a fountain. Don't let it stop at any point.
~ Flint Lambs

A kind person is like a tree which provides shade from the scorching heat of life. Like a river which provides water to the people and like a light which dispels all darkness away.
~ Brink Nijinsky

Good people have certain traits which are common among them. They are good because they can empathize with the less fortunate. They learn from their mistakes and are not selfish in their deeds.
~ Deena Parker

If you wish to be a good person, let it begin with a simple thought. Put your good thoughts and deeds to action and then see those actions blossom into a good character.
~ Bill Cosby

This world needs more people who are good and honest. We need people who are loving, who are courteous and kind.
~ Wells Storm

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How can I be a good person again?
You may have made bad choices in the past and things may not have gone as you planned them to go. But I am here to tell you that its not too late to turn back and come to the other side. The past is over and gone. Now its just a memory which remains in your mind. Its not as late as you think it is. You are not too young or too old to do anything.
1. Start with making a list of all the good things that you can do and a list of all the bad things that you need to avoid. It maybe a little difficult but think hard and make the list. That should give you some perspective.
2. Next try and put in efforts into ensuring that you are following what is enlisted. Don't be surprised if you fail but you need to keep pushing forward  and then eventually you will see goodness reek out of you. Other will find the light and you will be a shining example to many.

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