Good friends quotes

Monday, 31 August 2015  at 06:54
We have so much fun when we are together. We laugh, crack our own jokes and yet what I value more than these is the fact that you are a faithful friend.
~ Carlton Chaise

I can go through all those troubles in life. I can fight all those enemies that I have made in life and can wade through all the trials. All I need is one good loyal friend.
~ Joshua Seth

In this world it is not very
easy to find the perfect human who we can call a friend. They somehow have an annoying habit or fault. Blessed are you if you have someone who is simply perfect.
~ Kay Chang

Good friends are those that don't back out no matter what. They are not there just for the good times. They are like a shadow which pursues you no matter what the situation looks like.
~ Max Strong

I am the type of friend who will never come fiddle with you unless you are going in the wrong direction.
~ Jacob Aisle

A friend like you is one in a million. A rare gem and I am so happy that I have found you. You have given me all the things that I have always wanted.
~ Willy Barnes

I am a friend who will look over your little mistakes and wrong doings. I will correct you, yes... but not hold it against you.
~ Vlad Ion

Unlike what many think, you don't need a hundred so called "friends" who are just acquaintances. What you do need is a friend who understands you and is there for you.
~ Allie Zed

My friend is like a replica of me. We share the same passions, hobbies and we even like the same type of people. That's what makes this friend so special to me.
~ Marge Wayne

Having a friend does not take much effort but being a friend is something that requires dedication. Find someone who you can invest your friendship in.
~ Emma Deans

When life seems to be dying away
and there are no passions left, a friend can be that companion who shines like a bright sun in the darkness.
~ Barbara Jose

What is a cheaper alternative to speaking to a psychiatrist or counselor? Having an honest friend of course.
~ Robert Law

There are the kind of friends whom I tell please leave me by myself. They leave me but are always close by. I like those kind of pals.
~ Redden Trent

Don't let a true friend go no matter what. If they have a single annoying habit, stay patient. There are thousands of people who are searching yet cannot find someone they can call their own.
~ Anastasia Slaw

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