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Tuesday, 1 March 2016  at 07:07
I look out of my window and its a splendid view here. I take a deep breathe and look at the river flowing by glistening in the rays of the sun. Its a wonderful day to start a happy morning.
~ Philly Slam
These little things about the early morning like the first rays of the sun and the cool breeze are so precious. We can miss them if we do not pay attention to them but if we do look at them, they point out to the beauty of nature.
~ Ensnares Steel

As the days turn into
months and the months turn into years, I realize the importance of each day. Every day is important to make me the person that I am. There are so many things that I constantly learn and understand.
~ Dylan Mona

The rays of the sun bring a promise of new hope. Hope, love and happiness is all we need for a good day.
~ Jacqueline Morass

When I face difficult situations and hard times I look at the sun. The sun shining in the morning is a guarantee that darkness has no power over us and it tells me that good things are coming for me.
~ Senora Joann

I have made up my mind to let the troubles of yesterday disappear like the breeze. I am marching forward onto new beginnings, into shades of goodness and happiness. Good Morning!
~ Bilious Dollar

Let us make up our minds this morning to do something different. Something that will make us better, something good.
~ Bingo Horn

I don't know what this day has in store for me but I know that no matter what life brings my way I will go through it with a smile. All through success and disappointments I will keep my heart filled with love.
~ Zane Don

Amazing opportunities await me as I leave for work or school today. This day I am going to go in the direction of my goals and dreams to live the life I have always wanted to.
~ Danish Zaire

Yesterday may not have been good for me but today is a fresh new day and I am focused on living it well.
~ Tom Sire

No matter what you are searching for, if you go with a brave heart and a strong mind, you can achieve it. Put in all your effort and victory will be closer than you think.
~ Jay Sweet

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What to do when my mood is off early morning?
This situation can arise especially if someone says something bad to you. It can also arise if you listen to something annoying or get a bad text. Another source of grief is the news in any form...TV, radio or newspapers. They all have depressing things to say.
Step 1: Well the best way to get over all these sources is to just avoid them all. If you know that looking at your cell phone and reading an unpleasant text is going to make you unhappy. Avoid it. Avoid the news. I have shut it out for many years now. I do read it off and on but avoid murders and other depressing stories. What is not important to me is what I need to avoid. Instead I redirect my strength to something better and important.

Step 2:
Redirect your mind to better things if your mood is already spoiled and try to make things better yourself. Steadily as you keep your focus on the high road your mind will be lifted off bitter things and feel better. Try and always focus your mind on good things. Pray in the morning, listen to good music or read something inspirational. You can always bookmark this site and come here if nothing else.

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