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Monday, 7 October 2013  at 18:57
Some people live for vacations while others live for happiness. I work hard and wade through the four working days of the week just so that I can see the Friday morning.
~ Friday Quotes

Its Friday morning! Friends have been called, food has been ordered and drinks are coming by too. Back to the epic day of the week.
~ Jim Patrick

Some Fridays are good while others are great. But the best Fridays are those times when I get a sweet piece of paper called a paycheck.
~ Jonas Loo

America celebrates freedom on 4th of July, Canada on the 1st of the same month. India celebrates independence day on 15th August and I celebrate freedom and independence every Friday morning!
~ Corn Vic

Monday morning came and I was droopy and sad. Tuesday morning I was rubbing my eyes. Wednesday morning was like pulling through it all. Thursday felt like I couldn't do it. Friday morning is when the party started!
~ Pippin Third

Don't let the days of toil and hard work fade your memory of the awesome time called Friday morning. It is the day when you know the last day of work has dawned and freedom is coming by.
~ Hannah Polite

Don't let Friday bring joy only for a single day. Live every day like its a Friday. Bring a smile to your face and make it a life style. There is nothing better than making the most of every day of your life.
~ Danielle peonage

All five days were meant to be spent behind the desk or hard labor. Then comes the day of liberation which clearly sets itself apart from the other days. Friday eve it is.
~ Tungsten Turin

Gifts are taken and given away, money comes and it goes away. But a true friend is like the tree which is firmly planted by the rivers. Provides fruits, shade and shelter until it dies. Cheers to our Friday friends!
~ Ron Baruch

I could be writing and talking about Friday all day long but nothing can fully describe the excitement Friday brings after a hard working week. Fridays are just amazing!
~ Tim Bart

I am really excited about today being Friday and I think the last time I was so excited was last Friday.
~ Gena Tong

Worked all week like a slave, now that Friday has finally arrived, it is time for me to live like a king!
~ John Hart

I am pleasantly surprised every Friday thinking back from Monday. On Monday I feel like the week will never come to an end. Friday is such a blessing.
~ Jean Moss

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