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Monday, 24 August 2015  at 11:22
What is different about this morning than those others?
Here is a day which has never been lived before, a date which has never been visited and this friend of yours has grown closer to you in friendship. Good Morning!
~ Nassau trots

It takes less than a day to succeed and do great things. Never underestimate the power of things that can happen in one day. Look up positively and have a great day!
~ Patriot Ross

This sms has
not come to eat up your battery. Instead it has brought along with it some sunshine, sounds of birds chirping and a lovely wish that your day goes well. Good morning!
~ Billy Major

Don't let the regrets and hatred of yesterday consume this morning. Forget the people who hurt you and make the most of people who have been entrusted to you. Let love be your motivation today. Good day!
~ Molly Sams

Let me be the one that brightens your life. The kind of friend who brings beautiful music for your ears and a delight to your eyes. Good morning!
~ Kim Leroy

God has blessed you with so many talents. Make sure that you make use of each of those qualities to make life beautiful for yourself and your loved ones. Have a blessed day!
~ Tony Moll

If you wish to make a relationship better this morning then understand that people sometimes only need a listening ear rather than a talkative mouth. A loving hug than a push and a gentle smile to remind that everything is going to be alright. Good morning.
~ Johnny Pats

Mornings are like a blank canvas. You need to draw and put your own paints. You have a choice to make the canvas look ugly or make it lovely. Choose the latter and have a beautiful day ahead!
~ Mill Roans

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How to start up and have a good morning?
Every one gets up from their bed groggy and still feeling sleepy. Its a transition from the world of rest to a day of life. It is important that you start your mind up with something positive. Don't wait until your mind throws some thoughts at you. YOU be the one that guides your mind in the right direction.

That is definitely a good way to start your day. If worries hit your mind then just bump them off with a positive thought. Let no worries touch you and let goodness and happiness be your main agenda. That way you will be happy and also be able to spread that happiness to others.
Have a great day!

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