Good Morning God Quotes

Monday, 7 March 2016  at 06:51
The Sun you created is shining brightly under your command. The birds you set into the air chirp about your splendor. The flowers dance for joy at your greatness. And I have nothing more than a grateful heart to offer to you Oh Lord my God! Thank you for creating me.
~ Norman Jagger
Good Morning Gospel of Luke, Bible verse Luke 1:17
Good Morning God Quotes
Never forget that no matter what situation you are facing today, God has not left you. He has not abandoned you or forgotten you. He created you and you are still special in his eyes. Good Morning!
~ Tim Tungsten

Thank you Lord God for everything you have given me and continue to bless me with. Your goodness is greater than the love of friends and family because you blessed me with them. Help me follow your holy will.
~ Ruth Gatsby

This day is a gift from you and all I wish
to do today is be a person who is honest, loving and of service to others. I want to be an individual who uses all the gifts and talents you have blessed me with for good of others. Help me God.
~ Gerald General

No matter what problems are ahead of me and what my enemies plan against me, I know that my God is with me.
~ Moss Blue

Sometimes we loose peace by getting stuck onto things that we really desire and are still not getting from God. Instead we should focus on things that we did not even desire and received without asking.
~ Mahogany Spring

Today I choose to forgive all those who have hurt me Lord. Not forgiving them is like landing in prison for their faults. I let go of all hatred and accept your love on this beautiful morning. Thank you Lord.
~ Weeny Shaw

Friends may back stab me, relatives may disappoint me and close people may betray me. But I place my trust and faith in you oh God. I know that you are always there and will love me at all times.
~ Mica Shane

Times may change and people will come and leave. But the mercies of almighty God will last forever.
~ Bethany Lad

Oh Lord, my God give me the strength this day to help people who have no one to help. Please guide me to be humble at all times. Please guard me from all that is evil and bless me Lord.
~ Welch Morgan

Every morning is a gift from the almighty God. Before you think about anything else remember that life comes from the one above and thank him for all that he blesses us with.
~ Kim Bathers

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Always start your day with a prayer to God, it does not need to be fancy words. You just need to ask God for strength for the day and all the tasks that are lying ahead of you. Pray that you will be happy and be of service to others. Thank God for all the good things that he has blessed you with and remember your blessings. Praise the Lord and thank him immensely and then you will see his power working inside of you.
God is greater than all of us combined. He made everything and every feeling that we feel. Keep God by your side and read the Holy scriptures from the Bible if you can. Let God be blessed in everything you do today. Have a blessed day!

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Kortnie said...

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! Thank you God for giving me another day on this earth, lord please give me the strength to fight off any negativity ppl try to push into me & help me fight through my struggles holding my head high, oh lord please protect my family, friends & enimes.