Good evening quotes

Monday, 16 September 2013  at 16:47
Evenings get even better when you have a special someone besides you to cheer you up. Even if the day has not been favorable just spending a peaceful evening can make the entire day worth living.
~ Jeremy Schwarz

Let the evening breeze gently refresh your face, pour in a glass of red wine and play some fine music. Just another lovely evening in the alleys of France. ~ Moe Gray

Let the worries of the past, yesterday and today escape
your mind. In this moment just listen to your heart and its beats. Relax and smile - everything is going to be alright.
~ Lain Beige

Don't carry your burdens to bed, they are better left far away. You need to give it a break and replace those things with happiness.
~ Anaerobe Paris

Keep doing your best and stay in peace. When you have an attitude of faith and hope everything will turn around in your favor for your own good.
~ Katie Waugh

Good evening fellow patriots. I want to make sure that all of you are having a good time today and are ready for a great year ahead.
~ John Levitt

Had a bad day? I want to tell you that you don't have to loose hope. There are people who have been poor all their life and one day they meet their soul mate or win a lottery. Don't give up hope.
~ Bill Fence

Before you go to sleep, make sure you forgive every one who has wronged you and put thoughts of success and happiness in your mind. These seeds will grow to become reality someday if you make it a practice.
~ Vienna Dance

Keep believing in your dreams and let no one and nothing shake your mind off your goals. A focused mind can achieve what it wants to if it stays on track. Good evening!
~ Krill Faye

More often than not, what you think in the morning is what you were thinking about the previous evening. Build yourself with peace, joy and goodness. You will have good evenings and happy mornings.
~ Mickey Daugherty

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