Good Morning messages for love

Monday, 5 August 2013  at 09:51
All these months and years when I didn't have you in my life, it felt like it was night. I saw the light of day for the first time when you walked into my life and I never want to live in darkness again. Good Morning!
~ Ted Ryan

Today I am learning to make love a priority, heart the driver of my life and you the love of my world. I hope you feel lots of love coming straight from my heart. Have a lovely morning!
~ Melissa May

Some love stories begin with the brightness
of the sun and last as long as it sets. There are fights and problems in the dark night but love always rises back up next morning. I will always love you. G M!
~ Sienna Rolex

Good Morning messages for love

Getting up in the morning used to be a slow and lazy process before. But now I am up and running in excitement every day. The only reason for this excitement is your thoughts in my mind!
~ Deena Cain

I look at my friends who are single and realize how lucky I am to have you. They don't know what love is and how it feels. You are the sunshine which taught me to love. Good Morning!
~ Verona Irish

If you feel a little extra happy and loved today don't be surprised. My heart just made a small prayer to keep you happy, loved and joyful all throughout the day. Happy morning to you.
~ Iowa Love

You make me happy just by appearing in my mind. You are my early morning happiness, my happiness manager and the best friend that I have.
~ Finch Kingston

All I need every morning is to see you smiling. Looking at your cute face is enough to make me feel overjoyed with happiness. Thanks for making my day. Good Morning!
~ Bart Norris

Everyday you come up with something cuter than the day before. I can't help but go Aww every time you do something sweet for me. Just the simple things that you do impress me so much.
~ Dorothy Jay

Your smile makes the world look brighter than before and every little thing that you do makes me fall more in love with you. What was the best thing that happened to me? It is you!
~ Lloyd Mace

I want to make each morning precious for you. Every day I hope to put a lovely smile on your face that stays all day long and reminds you about how much I love you.
~ Joe James

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How to make your partner feel loved every morning?
All of us like something sweet or something good to be told to us when we wake after sleep. That makes us feel really good. It could be a simple text message or a call or someone who says these things to us face to face. If you want to put a smile on your partners face, tell them something nice - something positive that will make their day and give them a happy feeling. You have this website for quotes. Just bookmark this site by clicking ctrl and D simultaneously and you can come back and keep getting quotes for yourself.

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