Good Morning baby quotes

Monday, 19 August 2013  at 16:11
I don't just drag out of my bed with an unhappy face anymore. Rather, I jump out in excitement because I have been blessed with another day to thank God and to love you. Good Morning baby!
~ Roxanne Tune

Some days all you need is to know that there is someone who loves you and will care for you no matter what. You are the one for me baby. Good Morning!
~ Bella Col
Love is something that comes naturally when I think about my baby every morning. She is the first thing that comes to my mind and the last thing when I hit the bed. Good morning my love!
~ Nina Rolex

My friends ask me these days, how come you are extra
happy every morning? What can I say to them? I just say that I got lucky and won a lottery because you are the most precious one in my life.
~ Venn Oval

You are my morning happiness manager. All I need is you in my mind in the morning. Then I automatically start smiling and then can't wait to receive you message and then when I get it, can't wait to meet you.
~ Hellene Jean

Like the flowers which give out a good aroma and the birds which revive new hope, your love makes me want to become a better person and become the best that I can be.
~ Tony Kelly

No matter how many mornings pass, I will always be awake with a fresh enthusiasm for life because my baby is my motivator. She keeps me happy and creates more happiness within me.
~ Michael Jobs

Life can get difficult at times like the darkness in the night. But as long as I have your love with me, I will always be looking for the sunshine and the warmth of your love.
~ Tenet Suarez

My last thought in the night end with you and my morning smile is caused by your thought. I wonder if ever life would be so special without your love.
~ James Donny

Every single day I want you to be happy and full of joy, just like you make me happy by just passing through my mind.
~ Donna White

To make my day cheerful, all I need is a little memory of my sweetheart and then my day turn into a good experience. Love really has a lot of power.
~ Delilah Jones

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