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Sunday, 25 October 2015  at 20:37
Beep Beep! Yawn... I open my eyes and see what I have been waiting for all night. Your sweet good morning text message. Thank you for making my day!
~ Robson D's

Success is yours this day, believe it. Happiness is in your mind at this time, refresh it. Love is in your heart right now, unlock it. This is your day for a really good morning!
~ Shenzhen Truce

Get the confidence back in your steps. Let the smile on
your face be given out generously to anyone who desperately needs it today and let your heart sing a song of joy. Good morning.
~ Lou Sands

Remember to begin your morning with a prayer in your heart. Ask God to give you the grace to live this day unharmed from all evil. Not just that, but to make you a blessing to others and so find happiness this morning.
~ Vicky Shaw

I can imagine your groggy eyes trying to stay open. I can see those soft little steps you are taking as you struggle to get out of bed. Today is going to be cozy and nice. Have a great day!
~ Catherine Flood

Let the birds lift your spirits higher and let the sun brighten your day. Wake up and thank god for all the good things that he has blessed you with. Let's have a great day today!
~ Josephine Powell
Let the sorrows of yesterday be washed away with the darkness of last night. This is a new morning and we need to fill it with love, happiness and peace. Good morning!
~ Loyal Marine

As you refresh yourself with a cup of coffee let the cool morning breeze refresh your life. As you clean your teeth with a brush and a toothpaste, let the sounds of birds and rustling leaves clean your mind.
~ Moat Golan

Nature has a beautiful connection with the morning. The more you surround yourself with nature, the more you will find yourself around beauty and happiness.
~ Jim Turquoise
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Influencing others by sending morning texts:
Each of us have some influence over the people we know. Just by sending a sweet text on some mornings consistently to a person you can change the way they look at life. You can be a person who cheers them up or gives them the right perspective each and every morning.

They may be extremely thankful to you or may not say anything at all. Some messages and quotes may touch their lives while others may not. But it is worth trying. Making a positive difference just by sending quotes is something which is simple and does not take much from you.

You make a valuable investment into someones life. You can take quotes from this website everyday. Just bookmark this website by pressing Ctrl and D key and visit us everyday to take messages and send them to your friends or family. (Every day maybe too much. Once in two days maybe fine depending on the relationship.)
Please let us know in the comments if you like the quotes or if you have better morning quotes.

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