Good morning quotes and sayings

Monday, 22 July 2013  at 07:43
After all these years I am still inspired and happy to see a new day. It tells me that there are great things in store for me.
~ Liz Mend

When the times get hard on you and things don’t go your way make sure that you take a lesson from the sun which is always bright and warm and the best thing is that it never fails to show up every morning.
~ James Fathom

If at all in my dreams I see
you I wish that I sleep forever and keep watching you.
~ Albert Alford

Good morning quotes and sayings

Every morning make sure that you learn from your mistakes and take a lesson off from them. That will make your today's and tomorrows far better than your yesterdays.
~ Ike Cullen

Never give up hope because tomorrow has better things in store for you. If you give up today you are not running away from something bad but giving up the chance to have something good.
~ Evergreen Tyler

The worst thing to do in life is to avoid the lessons learnt from mistakes. Make sure today you embrace life happily and learn from mistakes.
~ Tuscan Lowe

Don’t wait for others to make your day great rather you work towards a good day and pass it on for others too. Good Morning!
~ Ostler Roues

Happiness can be brought to you by anyone, but someone whom you consider as special brings you happiness without even doing anything.
- Pole Rustler

One has to choose between two important choices in the morning. First: Whether to continue dreaming or the other to go chasing after one’s own dreams.
~ Wesley True

I want to say that I love you just like yesterday…but it would be a lie because today I want you more than I did yesterday.
- Michael Vast

Don’t ever stop smiling, even in the worst conditions or when you’re sad. You never know someone might be charmed by your pleasant smile and your day might change totally for good.
~ Reason Mandy

How to start your morning?
Morning is the perfect time to gift your self a few quotes. They will tone  your mind and set it on the right path. That is how you can start to make good use of your time and energy at the start of the day. Make sure you tune out all that is negative and put your focus onto things that matter much more.

Have a great day!

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Mark Millan said...

HHmm another day again, but all i do remember is me sitting down all alone watching the TV but suddenly fell off as a dead human and all i see is a new daylight.Hmm Glory and Honor belongs to the most high...For this great day.have a nice Day!!!

Manuel Nas

Funmilayo said...

You guys have really made my day. The quotes are inspiring and encouraging. Well done!!!!

Anonymous said...

This Are Very Nice Prayers