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Monday, 1 July 2013  at 12:35
For others you maybe ordinary, but for me you are special. You are like the sun which brings bright light. There is only one sun, it is special and no other can take its place...just like you.
~ Sherman Josh

Make a resolve this morning to keep a good attitude and a sweet smile. As you move through the day make sure that you plant seeds of goodness in the hearts of those you meet.
~ Victor Tram

Don't compare yourself to the hundreds that you see
or have met. You are different and though even you may not be able to understand it, remember that you are not the same as anyone else but are special.
~ Tim York

Let go of the things that are holding you back. Your mind and your thoughts are priceless. Don't let space and time go to waste thinking about thoughts that are unimportant. Good Morning!
~ Senna Lopez

Good things come to those who think, speak and act on productive things. Aim higher, do something special and sure enough you will see good things happening to you.
~ Phil Motion

Play along to the rhythm of life and when you have a chance gather a choir of friends and create a beautiful melody of love. Life is precious and must be used to create happiness and joy.
~ Colin Tall

As the morning is passing away you may trip once or make a few mistakes but that means nothing. You just need to hold your head up and learn from new falls and mistakes. They are making you wiser. Good day!
~ Maple Samba

All through the day as you meditate on good things, challenge yourself to do something new. Follow your passion and let this day be a start to a happy life ahead. Good morning!
~ George Otis

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How to turn tough times into good mornings?
Every one goes through tough times and we all have to make it out alive and well in order to continue living. It is normal to have thoughts of sadness the first thing when you nwake up. But then you can also change it with sheer control. At the beginning it may be difficult but you can heal quickly if you wish to.
All you need to do is replace negative with positive thoughts. This is not a one off thing and you cannot expect everything to change in one shot.
You need to do this steadily and then you will find that you can come ut of pain faster than you expected.

Hope you have a good morning!

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